What is The New Hair Color For 2022 in Dubai?

What is The New Hair Color For 2022 in Dubai?

It is a new year and new me is really excited about the new things that are going to happen. There is so much you can do this year, but there is one defining thing that will make you really happy. Getting a hair color. As the lockdowns are easing, Freya Salon Dubai has made it its mission to make life easier and happier. This article is an example of just that. So here is the thing, we know you are looking for a hair trend that will rock your 2021 world? Well, this is just the place for you because we are bringing for you the ultimate new hair color trends of 2021 that you cannot miss.

Yes, we are aware that there is no shortage of hair colors to try in 2021.

Although 2020’s most hair color trends were natural, 2021 is all about having fun and excitement.

The gradual return of life to normal means that more starking colors.

Hold on!

We aren’t asking you to get a redhead upfront.

See we want you to look beautiful. So here is the advice:

Try some classic shades with new and surprising takes that are currently hot.

Here is a question for you?

Why ask for a simple highlight when you have the option of ordering silver champagne.

Our top stylists have intel on what’s trending to try right now. And here is what to tell your stylist for your next appointment.

But before we start, here is a fun fact you knew before science did: A new hairstyle and hair color can actually make you happier and mentally healthier.

Face-Framing Streaks

Looks are always beautiful, it is the color and style that make you who you are!

Honestly, have you ever wondered what makes the person coming out of a beauty salon so confident?

You guessed it right! Your shiny new style.

And, honestly, can you pick one thing about your hair that makes people say, HER HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL!

Yes, you are right again!

And when you wear this hair color, people just can’t stop repeating that!


That’s the effect of this beautiful hair color where two bright streaks around your face highlight your eyes and face.

For many celebrities and experts like ourselves, it is believed that these streaks are here to stay in 2021.

There are even more creative takes for the look.

You can get a two-toned streak that looks more beautiful.

Other than being super hot and exciting, it does not require you to color all of your hair!

Surprise. Only two streaks and you are done!

Cost-effective and slinky.

Ask your colorist to do a good job. Most of them don’t know what they are doing!

Ask them to color a bright bit in the front.

If you want high contrast, ask them to do a solid color on the rest of your hair too.

50 Shades of Red

No matter where you are!

No matter what your beliefs are.

This one color has taken over the world this year.

Total world domination!

The thing is, ask any stylist have they heard about the 50 shades of Red and they will tell you yes!

Therefore, we name it this year’s coolest color to wear!

Our experts believe that rest is a great color because it can be personalized to enhance the natural beauty of the customer.

IN fact, if you have ever tried. Anything from pale strawberries to rich garnet shades of red is customizable to further beautify your skin tone and eye color.

Try the rose gold or a deep rouge amber to get a beautiful look.


Some of our clients have been asking for little changes.

They don’t need drastic changes, only a few subtle adjustments to their current shades

In winter, clients usually ask for more dimensional versions of their summer looks.

If you have blonde hairs then this would mean an addition of ribbons of deeper shades to create more dimensions.

It sometimes also means glossing hair to a deeper, more buttery tone or playing with a fashion accent like a marigold peach.

For other colors like brunettes, you can add some more gloss to make the color richer.

If you add more amber, gold, or root beer tones, that would give you a dimension.

Generally speaking, people are looking for warmer and richer tones. More like a lived-in-looking hair color!

Black Diamond

Here comes the Black Diamond!

Most of us think 2020 and the start of 2021 have taken a lot from our lives.

So to start this command color brings us back to a place of control and glamour.

If we feel that we have the strength, stamina, and charisma of the wonder women, we should also present ourselves like such with this strong color.

Since black has the power of making hair look healthy and shiny it suits a lot of skin tones.

It will create a snow-white effect on paler skin and will bring out the richer tones on the darker skin!

If you are coming to the Freya Salon Dubai, you can ask our experts for an inky black shade.

Also, ask them for a gloss to make it look as shiny as possible.

Blonde Balayage

If you got the blonde color this new year and want something new, here is what you should try that will make you shine more.

Try this blonde balayage.

It will be a seamless transition.

When your stylist and colorist are applying the shades or even before that, ask them for different shades of blonde throughout your hair.

As a beautician, at Freya Salon Dubai, we love trying out new and novel balayage ideas.

Brown Balayage

Here is the thing. Drastic changes can be risky and dangerous.

Other than causing a permanent change in the color of the hair, you always have a risk of changing your mind about it.

So here is the thing!

If you are a person who thinks a lot.

Balayage and subtle highlights are a great way of mixing up things.

You can refresh your look without going into the drastic changes area.

The brown balayage can give hair a lot of dimensions and will pop your hair!

The color has the power of giving you a nice sun-touched look that will make everyone on your side go crazy.

For an even better version of the color, ask your colorist for different shades of brown spread throughout your hair.

Gives you more dimension with a natural look.

Silver Champagne

If you are a person who likes to look different. This one’s for you.

It is possible to have the best of both worlds.

Get a blonde color along with silver champagne hair color.

These warm accents will make your hair look gorgeous.

So if your hair has an ash blonde color, you can get a fresh tonal option that will not cross into gold.

The style and color are really beautiful.

Ask your stylist for a translucent pearl as well as the silvery tones on your blonde to make it look sleeker.

Almond Edges

So here comes the almond Edges.

It is by far the most beautiful hair color in dubai.

Not only that. It is your perfect summer partner too.

Its warm nut tones have the power of creating a soft spring vibe.

Yes this year, we are seeing a lot of cashews and walnut style hues combined into brunette hair in these hot months of 2021.

You should ask your colorist to apply the deep brown right now!

Later you can mix it with more neutral light brown and dark blonde highlights.

Make sure to use only those colors that blend well with your natural color.

Copper Sunset

Have you ever taken a walk during the sunset?

It is really inspiring.

Not only for the idea of achievement but also for your hair.

Here is what we believe. If the variety of colors can fly around the sky and make it beautiful.

The imitation of the idea would make you look even better.

2021 is all about bold colors being submerged.

Especially the copper sunset shade.

An easy way to use it comfortably is by using it with a red gloss or tint over the usual base color.

If you want something exciting or advice, get an appointment right now. We are here to serve you at Freya Salon Dubai.

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