What are the new hairstyles in Dubai for 2022?

What are the new hairstyles in Dubai for 2022?

After self-trimming and cutting bangs yourself, trying out the self-bleaching, and realizing how long hair can get without a hairstyle, we can only think of bold new hairstyles coming our way in the rest of 2021.

Last summer was minimalist, but this summer belongs to the bold maximalist.

So, are you looking for ways of making bold statements, hard and hot this summer?

You are looking for astonishing ideas to get this business started, then you have come to the right place.

Because Freya Salon in Dubai is not just in a league of its own. It is the league itself.

And now the league is bringing to you the latest trends and best hairstyles in dubai for 2021.

So get ready for the rollercoaster ride that is this year, 2021.

We have everything for everyone.

Doesn’t matter if you want a simple hairstyle with long layers or want to stir up your looks with jaw-dropping auburn hair – there is a hairstyle for everyone on our list.

Check out our favorite takes that will make everyone around you go crazy!

# 1 Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs still?

Honestly, bangs are everywhere!

Curtain bangs have been here for more than a decade now.

In the history books, it will be marked as one of the defining trends of our time.

But forget the future right now, it is the hottest, rocking, and beautiful hairstyle that people just can’t get off their heads.

These bangs are certainly one of the easiest ways of making bold statements.

With the hairstyle, you get an all new personality without even a haircut!

Every now and then, you can try it with something. And the style never gets old!

That’s why we have placed it at the top of our list. There has been the addition of something new to the hairstyle.

Everyone’s calling this trend the most diverse form of bangs.

Pair it with a messy topknot, and you get an even more fascinating look.

Innumerable celebrities have asked their hairstylist to create some look with the curtain bangs.

The curtain bangs really do have something spectacular.

Some of our beauticians at Freya consider the application of retro fringe as a means to accentuate the cheekbones as well as the highlighter.

Curtain bangs are also low-maintenance. In fact, curtain bangs are the gateways towards bangs. They are easy to wash and go.

Bangs are long. Easy to grow. And can be pinned during the workout.

The best thing is that you can cut it anytime or convert it to face-framing layers.

“If you get the shape right, you get the gorgeous looks!” says Freya

Just keep the edge longer than the median.

You will be ready and look fabulous!

# 2 Angled Bob

A beautifully created angled bob is something everyone is a fan of.

Angled bobs are the most trendy looks of 2021. Every stylist is asked, at least once a week, to create this look.

These hairs are short, easy, and give you a brand new look.

Things are even more spiced up with warm hair color, dark roots, and the ombre effect.

Angled Bob is pretty simple in its making.

It is shorter from the back and gradually transitions into longer hair length in the front.

Giving it the perfect angled shape.

The haircut was pretty popular, but its current comeback is gigantic.

It suits you no matter what your hair type.

It has innumerable styling options too.

Although this style gives you the chicest haircut. There are plenty of ways you can give some interesting twists to it.

Our world-class stylists at Freya Salon are ready to give you the looks that will sweep PEOPLE off their feet.

# 3 Curly Shag

Curly shag has made a new comeback in 2021.

It is trendy, and brand new looks give you an elegant classy look.

The freshly made classy look is one of the most popular and widely observed hairstyles.

With more women accepting the curls after lockdown, the shag cut has taken the place as a very exciting way of adjusting lengths and bangs.

It is all done while you continue to keep your cool and live-in looks.

The Curly shag has loads of pretty textures that you can select.

All that makes your looks super exciting.

So ready for an exciting new haircut – visit Freya Salon Dubai today.

# 4 Face-Framing Layers

The influence of the 90s on beauty and fashion still remains a dominant hairstyle in the 21st century.

With its face-framing layers, the style creates an astonishing personality.

The style is also known as the Modern Rachel from Friends.

Face-framing layers is an easy way to try something different without drastically altering the hair length.

The best thing is that the hairstyle does not require any particular thickness.

No matter what hair thickness you have, the hair would look great.

The only requirement is straight hair. You need to have it to have the hairstyle.

Upon the arrival of a client, our specialist usually checks to find out how short the first layer should be.

The shortest layer can be anywhere up to the eyes or nose.

# 5 Undercut

Are you feeling that you have natural tendencies towards the Viking warrior spirits?

Just Kidding! We mean the spirit of power and independence.

Do you feel that you are strong and you want to make a statement?

Then undercut is a hairstyle just for you.

The undercut involves buzzing off the half hair of the head from the lower side.

It doesn’t matter what your hair’s length, an undercut can make you look bold and dominant.

Since the easing of the lockdowns, people are coming back – so is the style.

Before the pandemic the UNDERCUT was quite a dominant hairstyle, the current waves of dominance are stronger and powerful.

We know that you were cooped up in small homes and need something that makes it easy to wear.

The Undercut will make your life super easier and give you looks that are not possible, otherwise, at home.

The reopening of the Salon has given you the license to live the life of your choice.

From elegance to style, the Freya Salon Dubai has everything you need for a perfect hairstyle.

# 6 Blunt Ends

Do you want a polished and sleek look for your hair?

Do you think that the messy texture does not represent you and your image of self?

Then this is the new hairstyle you are looking for in 2021.

The hairstyle means an end to the bedhead.

The new-look is blunter and has thick lines in the haircut.

When I was a child, my friends would always tell me: curly hair means no blunt ends.

I only wish if they asked the same thing now.

Keep in mind that if you have curly hair it does not mean you can have a blunt end. Just make sure to ask for one length.

And that’s what we do at Freya Salon Dubai.

Another great thing about the blunt ends is that if you don’t want to go above your shoulders, try a blunt-ended lob.

You’d be astonished to see the results.

In fact, this style flatters all types of faces and hair.

No matter what!

Although it is not an easy method – may be of the difficulties – our stylists at Freya Salon Dubai are specially trained in this regard.

They know how to do things with precision and to make sure that the ends are sleek and uniform.

# 7 The New Pixie

From the Gods of style themselves.

The New Pixie Hair Cut will sweep you off your feet upon your first look in the mirror.

The new pixie hairstyle happens to be the fastest-growing and trendy hairstyle that people love.

It is a classic that has revolutionized 2021.

No, I am not just saying that.

In fact, many clients are less with the bangy looks and more with the flirty short cut along with a flare.

In 2020 the new pixie was either too short or too large, but there was nothing in between.

Luckily the new 2021 look is something in between. It is usually of the brow-grazing length. It is modern, fresh, and makes your eyes shine.

# 8 Modern Shag

Are you looking for a haircut that shows that your hair has texture, volume, and strength!

Not different from what Taylor Swift has been wearing all of 2020 and well into 2021.

The Modern Shag is one of the most favorite hairstyles of all time for most world-class models.

But some cautions first. There is a limit to it.

If you are scared of layering, this is not for you!

In fact, it requires loads of layers.

The layers help create the texture for a fabulous look.

But people who are ready to embrace their natural texture.

It is going to be your all-time favorite.

Even curly hairs, who are too scared to get bangs, will be happy to know that this cut works for all.

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