Top 5 salons for Hair Extensions in Springs & Meadows in 2024

Top 5 salons for Hair Extensions in Springs & Meadows in 2024

🌟Looking to enhance your hair with fabulous hair extensions? Springs and Meadows are home to a variety of top-notch beauty and hair extension salons in Dubai, each committed to perfecting your desired length, shape, and volume.

From upscale, elegant salons to cozy, wallet-friendly spots, the choices abound. Whether you crave added volume or length, you’re sure to uncover the ideal spot to take your hair to new heights.

Explore the top 10 hair extension salons in Springs and Meadows, Dubai, for 2024:

Discover the fabulous feature of Freya Salon in JVC – conveniently located just a glam ride away by car!

Say hello to “Freya Beauty Salon” – your one-stop destination for all things fabulous! Nestled near Circle Mall in JVC, this hidden gem is causing quite a stir with its stylish vibes and top-notch services.

🏆 We’re thrilled to announce that Freya has just been awarded “Highly Recommended Salon” in Dubai by Fresha! It’s official, our dedication to delivering exceptional beauty experiences has been recognized by the best in the biz.

⭐ Plus, did you know we’re one of the highest-rated salons on Google? With over 800 glowing reviews and a stellar 4.8-star rating, it’s clear that our clients are head over heels for Freya’s magic touch.

And now, here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for – the ultimate list of the top 10 hair extension salons in Springs and Meadows, Dubai! 🌟💇‍♀️


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Springs and Meadows also host Tips & Toes, the Middle East’s largest salon and spa chain. With 37 branches across four emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, they pride themselves on accessible luxury. Their skilled technicians and therapists, trained at in-house academies, ensure top-notch service. While they offer a range of treatments, they also offer hair extensions, which may stand out to you! With a commitment to quality and affordability, Tips & Toes provides a five-star experience to all its clients.


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At Tito & Tuthill in Springs Souk (near Meadows), Dubai, clients are the top priority. Their success hinges on comprehensive consultations and a team passionate about delivering the best results. Each client receives a personalized experience tailored to their needs and desires.

The salon prides itself on attentive listening to ensure every client’s vision is realized. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Tito & Tuthill is dedicated to making every visit a positive and rewarding experience. Definitely a great spot for hair extensions!


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Get hair extensions done at VINCA Rosea Ladies Spa in Springs Souk (next to Meadows), Dubai, where the focus is on holistic wellness and beauty. Their approach combines outer beauty treatments with inner health practices, emphasizing balanced nutrition, regular exercise, and peace of mind.

The spa’s mission is to help clients live their best lives by nurturing both physical and mental well-being. With a commitment to overall health and vitality, VINCA Rosea offers a tranquil sanctuary where clients can rejuvenate and find balance in their busy lives.


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Conveniently situated within Springs Souk, Dubai, The Juice Beauty Salon offers an extensive range of beauty services and products. Emphasizing customer satisfaction, they also specialize in hair extension removal, ensuring a seamless experience for all clients.

With a commitment to quality and convenience, The Juice Beauty Salon caters to diverse beauty needs, providing top-notch services and products tailored to individual preferences. Whether seeking a new hairstyle or beauty essentials, clients can trust The Juice Beauty Salon to deliver exceptional results with a touch of convenience.


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Just outside the lively Springs and Meadows of Dubai, experience a boutique salon that blends relaxation and glamor effortlessly. Formerly known as The Great British Salon, Labella Beauty Lounge offers an array of services at accessible prices, they specialize in complete hair transformations, including stunning hair extensions, and everyday blowouts.

From indulgent facials to meticulous mani/pedis, body treatments, and soothing massages, every aspect of pampering is meticulously catered to. With a commitment to delivering the ultimate “wow” factor, clients emerge feeling rejuvenated and radiant after indulging in their comprehensive range of services.

Freya Beauty Salon Unbeatable Deals

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