Top 10 salons for Balayage in Dubai in 2024

Top 10 salons for Balayage in Dubai in 2024

🌟 Are you ready to switch up your look with a stunning balayage? Well, you’re in for a treat! Dubai is a treasure trove of phenomenal beauty and hair salons, each offering a unique experience tailored just for you.

From lavish, high-end spots to cozy, affordable havens, there’s a salon to match every vibe. Whether you’re dreaming of sun-kissed highlights, a lived-in blonde, or to go fully blonde with a natural blend, there is a perfect salon in Dubai for you ready to transform your hair with a gorgeous balayage.

So, sit back, relax, and prepare to be dazzled by the top 10 salons for Balayage in Dubai in 2024:

Discover the fabulous feature of Freya Salon in JVC – conveniently located just a glam ride away by car!

Say hello to “Freya Beauty Salon” – your one-stop destination for all things fabulous! Nestled near Circle Mall in JVC, this hidden gem is causing quite a stir with its stylish vibes and top-notch services.

We offer an array of stunning balayage options including: Sunkissed, Honey Cake, and The Rapunzel. Check out our Balayage Page for more information and to pick the perfect level of balayage for you! What’s your pick? Our skilled technicians use modern techniques to ensure no harm is done to your natural hair, whilst creating a seamless blend between shades delivering the most beautiful balayage results in JVC!

🏆 We’re thrilled to announce that Freya has just been awarded “Highly Recommended Salon” in Dubai by Fresha! It’s official, our dedication to delivering exceptional beauty experiences has been recognized by the best in the biz.

⭐ Plus, did you know we’re one of the highest-rated salons on Google? With over 800 glowing reviews and a stellar 4.8-star rating, it’s clear that our clients are head over heels for Freya’s magic touch.

And now, here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for – the ultimate list of the Best salons for Balayage in Dubai in 2024! 🌟💇‍♀️

Pastels Salon

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Achieve a stunning balayage and exceptional hair color services at Pastels Salon in Dubai. Renowned for their expertise, Pastels’ expert colorists meticulously craft bespoke balayage, ensuring a natural and beautiful enhancement of your hair’s color and tone.

Experience the artistry and precision of balayage at Pastels, where every visit promises personalized care and stunning results that elevate your hair to new levels of beauty.

Nicolas Beauty Salon

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Nicolas Hallak, founder of Salon Nicolas, embarked on his journey 14 years ago in the UAE, starting from a modest hair salon in Deira. Originally from Beirut, he came to Dubai as a fresh graduate, driven by ambition.

Today, Salon Nicolas thrives as a beacon of innovation in the beauty industry. With a commitment to excellence, they offer exquisite balayage services, blending artistry and precision. Embrace the beauty revolution at Salon Nicolas, where Dubai’s burgeoning beauty scene meets unparalleled expertise.

High 22

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High 22 Salon in Dubai offers a full spectrum of high-quality beauty services, including expert balayage treatments. With Russian-speaking masters and skilled cosmetologists, they create an atmosphere of cozy comfort.

Using only premium materials and employing top-level specialists, High 22 values every guest’s experience. Discover their commitment to excellence firsthand and try out their balayage services!

Chalk Salon

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Chalk Salon, located in Dubai, introduces a unique concept tailored for rebels and creative thinkers. As pioneers in hair transformations, they excel in cuts, colors, and expert balayage treatments.

Experience personalized care and enjoy their iconic Chalk Booth, designed with excellent lighting and full-length mirrors for capturing your new look. For those seeking a daring new hairstyle, Chalk Salon offers a refreshing approach to hair care and style. Why not get a balayage here?

Locks by Lou Lou

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Locks By Lou Lou stands out in Dubai as a premier destination for glamorous transformations, specializing in balayage and a full spectrum of beauty services. From nails to lashes and brows, their expert stylists ensure every client leaves looking and feeling their best.

Experience top-notch treatments, including machine facials and luxurious services like the Hydra facial and ELEMIS spa treatments at their serene Al Wasl spa. Discover unparalleled beauty and relaxation at Locks By Lou Lou, where every visit promises a personalized and rejuvenating experience.

The Hideaway

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Discover The Hideaway in Dubai, where indulgence meets expertise in hair and scalp care. Located in central Jumeirah, our salon offers a tailored experience with a focus on Hair Colour, Balayage, and Extensions.

Our skilled professionals provide personalized rituals and expert tips for optimal hair and scalp health. Whether seeking a new hue or a transformative balayage, The Hideaway promises a refined and rejuvenating experience for your hair needs.

The Den Salon

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Welcome to The Den Salon in Dubai, where warmth and professionalism merge in a cozy coastal bohemian atmosphere. Embrace urban chic with meticulous attention to detail and quality results.

Located away from Dubai’s bustling districts, The Den Salon invites you to experience a ‘Self-Care’ routine in a welcoming environment. With a focus on Balayage and personalized care, join The Den Tribe for great hair and good vibes.

Lunatic Fringe Ladies Salon

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Experience luxury at Lunatic Fringe Ladies Salon in Dubai, where handcrafted Italian furnishings and a lavish VIP lounge await. Nestled within Le Royal Meridien Hotel and Spa, it stands out as a beacon of beauty and excellence in the UAE.

Indulge in our range of services, including bespoke Balayage treatments, and immerse yourself in our unique and elegant sanctuary for ultimate pampering and rejuvenation.

Yasmin Beauty Lounge

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Yasmin Beauty Lounge in Dubai caters to women who cherish their beauty and seek self-investment. It’s a sanctuary of calm and peace, dedicated to enhancing femininity and making every client feel special. With a focus on good vibes and happiness, YBL offers a place where you can indulge in the pleasure of being pampered and spoiled. Experience value and exceptional service at Yasmin Beauty Lounge, where your beauty and satisfaction are our priority.

Vernie Beauty Salon

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Welcome to VERNIE Beauty Salon, a haven of beauty and sophistication in Dubai’s vibrant Business Bay. More than a salon, it’s a sanctuary for crafting memorable beauty experiences and offers incredible balayage services.

Inspired by the French word ‘vernie,’ meaning ‘polished,’ VERNIE Beauty embodies a commitment to delivering refined beauty services. With a focus on elegance, our salon blends top-tier professionals, premium products, and a passion for luxury to offer the ultimate beauty retreat. Why not get a balayage done?

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