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Overlay Nails

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Overlay nails are a great way to achieve fabulous-looking nails without having to use harsh chemicals. The process involves painting a base coat of polish onto the nails, followed by a layer of gel.

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The process involves painting a base coat of polish onto the nails, followed by a layer of gel. Once the gel has dried, a layer of powder is applied and then another layer of gel. The process is repeated until the desired thickness is achieved. The final step is to apply a top coat of polish. Overlay nails are available in a variety of colors and styles, so you can choose the perfect look for you. If you’re looking for an Overlay Nails Service in JVC Dubai, be sure to check out Freya Beauty Salon. We offer a wide range of services, including Overlay Nails, and our team of talented professionals will be sure to give you the perfect nails for your special occasion.

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Welcome to Freya Beauty Salon, the premier destination for top-rated overlay nails in Dubai. Our skilled nail technicians specialize in providing impeccable overlay nail services that enhance the natural beauty and strength of your nails. Whether you’re looking to add length, durability, or a touch of glamour to your nails, our salon offers a range of overlay options tailored to your individual preferences. Experience exceptional nail care and artistry at Freya Beauty Salon, where we prioritize your satisfaction above all else.

Is overlay good for your nails in Dubai?
When applied and maintained properly, overlay nails can be beneficial for your nails by adding strength and protection. However, improper application or removal techniques can potentially damage the natural nails. It’s essential to visit a reputable salon in Dubai for overlay nail services and follow proper nail care guidelines.

How long does overlay nails last in Dubai?
The longevity of overlay nails can vary depending on factors such as nail growth, lifestyle, and how well the nails are cared for. On average, overlay nails can last anywhere from two to three weeks or more with proper maintenance and fills as needed.

What is the difference between gel nails and overlays in Dubai?
Gel nails and overlays both involve applying a layer of gel over the natural nails, but the purpose and application method may differ. Gel nails typically refer to applying gel polish directly to the natural nails, while overlays involve applying a layer of gel or acrylic to add strength and durability.

Is an overlay a fake nail in Dubai?
An overlay is not considered a fake nail but rather a protective layer applied over the natural nails to enhance their appearance and strength. Unlike traditional fake nails, overlays do not require tips or extensions and are applied directly to the natural nail surface.

Is overlay nails better than acrylic in Dubai?
Both overlay nails and acrylic nails have their pros and cons, and the choice between them depends on individual preferences and needs. Overlay nails are known for their natural-looking appearance and flexibility, while acrylic nails are typically stronger and more durable.

Is gel overlay good for nails in Dubai?
Gel overlay can be beneficial for nails as it adds strength, durability, and protection to the natural nails. It can also provide a smooth and glossy finish, enhancing the overall appearance of the nails.

What is overlay nails cost in Dubai?
The cost of overlay nails in Dubai can vary depending on factors such as the salon’s location, reputation, and the specific services included. At Freya Beauty Salon, we offer competitive pricing for our overlay nail services, ensuring exceptional value for our clients.