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Lash Lamination & Tinting

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Lash lamination & tinting is a fairly new treatment in the beauty industry. Lash lamination is very similar to a Lash Lift, but the Lash Lift uses silicone pads to curl the lashes and Lash Lamination uses perming lotion and a Lash Shield to coat and protect the lashes.

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This service lifts, curls, volumizes, and lengthens your natural eyelashes. The main difference you will see with Lash Lamination is that your lashes will appear much glossier and shinier than with a Lash Lift! The results of Lash Lamination last up to 8 weeks with proper aftercare. If you are interested in this service, we highly recommend Freya Beauty Salon in JVC Dubai. They have a team of experienced professionals who will be able to give you the perfect Lash Lamination & Tinting treatment according to your lash type!

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Experience the ultimate enhancement for your lashes with our top-rated Classic Lash Lamination & Tinting service at Freya Beauty Salon in Dubai. Our expert technicians specialize in providing luxurious lash treatments that elevate your natural beauty, leaving you with beautifully lifted and tinted lashes.

What is lash lamination and tint in Dubai?
Lash lamination and tint in Dubai is a professional treatment that involves lifting, curling, and tinting natural lashes to create a fuller, more defined look.

Is lash lamination good for lashes in Dubai?
Yes, lash lamination in Dubai is a safe and effective treatment that helps to enhance the appearance of natural lashes, providing a lifted and voluminous look without the need for extensions.

How long does lash lift and lamination last in Dubai?
The results of a lash lift and lamination treatment in Dubai can last between six to eight weeks, depending on individual lash growth and maintenance.

Is lash lift and tint good for you in Dubai?
Yes, lash lift and tint in Dubai can provide numerous benefits, including enhanced lash appearance, increased curl and volume, and reduced need for mascara.

How long does eyelash lamination and tint last in Dubai?
Eyelash lamination and tint in Dubai typically lasts between six to eight weeks, offering long-lasting results for beautifully lifted and tinted lashes.

Can you tint and lamination brows at the same time in Dubai?
Yes, it is possible to tint and laminate brows at the same time in Dubai, allowing for a comprehensive treatment to enhance both lashes and brows simultaneously.

What Are the Benefits of Lash Lamination in Dubai?
The benefits of lash lamination in Dubai include lifted and curled lashes, enhanced volume and definition, and reduced need for daily maintenance.

What is the cost of lash lamination and tinting in Dubai?
The cost of lash lamination and tinting in Dubai varies depending on factors such as salon location, technician expertise, and additional services included. At Freya Beauty Salon, we offer competitive pricing for our Classic Lash Lamination & Tinting service, ensuring quality and affordability for our clients in Dubai.