How To Choose the Right Hair Color Shade for You in Dubai

How To Choose the Right Hair Color Shade for You in Dubai

Every skilled hairstylist has been asked more than once, “Which hair color will look great on me?” The truth is that determining which hair color is best for your skin tone can be hard, especially considering all of the recent ombre, gray, and blond hair color trends. It is easy to become overwhelmed. Simply walking down, the hair color aisle at any cosmetics store will reveal that the options are far more than just brown or blonde.

To begin with, the color of your skin is not enough to guide you in selecting the right hair color. Other things to consider before selecting a shade from the color chart include the color of your eyes, your skin’s undertone, and your hair color goal. Here is how to get started.

1. Identify Your Skin Tone

When it comes right down to it, one important factor to consider in choosing a color that makes you immediately glow is your individual skin tone (and particularly your undertone). Determine whether you have a warm, cool,or neutral tone.

  • Warm Skin – Skin with warmer undertones normally pairs better with warmer-toned hair shades that help bring out that gorgeous lit-from-within glow. We advise gold beige or buttery tones for blondes, and maybe golden copper shades and butterscotch or warm caramel shades for brunettes.
  • Cool Skin – Skin with a cool undertone looks best with super cool colors like dark chocolate, bold platinum blonde, cool red, beige blonde, merlot, or even baby taupe blonde. If you’re feeling brave, go with a bright blue, green, or purple. However, you could also pull off lighter warm tones such as light chestnut brown or golden blonde.

2. Neutral Skin

Skin with neutral undertones always has a lot of options when it comes to selecting the best color. That means you could experiment with almost any shade of brunette, blonde, or red hair and look great. Whether it’s a vibrant orchid pink or neutral brunette, neutral-toned skin provides limitless opportunities for creativity as well as self-expression.

3. Consider Your Eye Color

Another crucial factor in determining whether the color you chose is great or not is your eye color.Your colorist may choose a contrasting color to really enhance as well as intensify your eye color.

  • Brown Or Hazel Eyes – Brown or hazel-eyed ladies deserve a beautiful color shade which allows their stunning eyes to shine. These neutral eye colors look great with a variety of hair colors, including ash blonde, mahogany, a rich golden brown, or chestnut.
  • Blue Eyes – If you have blue eyes, a golden blonde or caramel tone would therefore make them look even bluer.  This eye color also looks great with a balayage style or lightened ombré for a subtle, sun-kissed glow.
  • Green Eyes – Anyone with mesmerizing green eyes could make their look shine with the perfect hair color. You can pick from auburn, chocolate brown to rich butterscotch, or a really eye-catching black color.

4. Your Hair Goals

If you’ve decided to dye your hair, the next step is to determine a hair color goal. Always ask yourself why you would like to color your hair and also how you intend to go about it. It may be for any of the following reasons:

  • You want lighter hair color. Lighter hair requires bleaching, which can be damaging. In this case, it’s critical that you understand the bleaching process and exactly how to take care of your hair afterward.

  • You want to enhance the color of your natural hair. While a global hair color fades, your natural hair color also requires a boost from time to time to combat dullness. Going a shade or two lighter, or using babylights (very soft)are two options for enhancing your current hair color.

  • Want to conceal grey hair. Gray hair could be completely concealed with permanent hair color to resemble the tresses, or it could be dyed with a temporary dye to appear as highlights against darker hair.

  • Would like to experiment with highlights. Highlights are an excellent way to give flat hair dimension and depth. Highlight color styles always range from bright blue and red strands to warm blonde lowlights, a natural balayage of blonde highlights, and also golden babylights. We recommend consulting with a professional hair colorist to select a color palette that perfectly complements you.

5. Effect of Hair Color on Your Hair

You should know the effect that you want to get on your hair. This is simply because different hair colors work very differently. Dark hair colors will have a thicker and heavier effect on your hair. These are mainly made for thick hair textures. On the other hand, lighter colors always give less effect. Therefore, it is important to know the kind of effect you aim to get.

6. Choose Between Permanent and Temporary Hair Colors

There are various types of hair color treatments on the market. Semi-permanent hair colors are ideal if you only intend to experiment with a new color for a few weeks. However, if you want to conceal greys or keep a hair color for several years, you should use permanent hair color. You will only need root touch-ups every so often to match the roots to the other parts of your hair.

7. Your Clothing Color

If you look very good in red, golden yellow, rust, or orange, as well as other warm colors, go for warmer hair colors such as auburn and golden blonde. If you look great in colors like fuchsia, black, red with blue undertones, and so on, you should go for cooler hair colors such as platinum, ash blonde, burgundy, and so on. If you look better in purple, charcoal grey, and other colors, you would then look good in mahogany and chocolate brown.


Changing the color of your hair is the simplest way to alter your appearance, but selecting the right shade can be difficult. If you are unsure, consult a professional hairdresser to determine the best shade for you. Your hairdresser can utilize a variety of techniques to create the look that you really want.

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