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Enhance your hair with our exclusive salon services and offers at the top rated hair salon.

Kazakh, British, South African, Irish, Filipino & Thai Team.

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Top 3 Haircare Tips you need to know!😎
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Hairbun hack with Aisha🥰😍
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Urgent Hair Rescue with Corri 🥰😍🪄
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Perfect French manicure at Freya Beauty Salon🇫🇷❤️
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Life’s too short for flat hair! 💇🏻‍♀️
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Nail hacks 101 💅🏻
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Hair care hack with Aisha!🥰
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Easy hacks to make your manicure look next-level!❤️
1. Use cuticle oil religiously 💧
In addition to hydrating the cuticle itself, a good oil will strengthen and condition your nails, which can prevent them from chipping, breaking, or becoming brittle.
2. Use a soft nail file 💚 
You want to treat your nails like you would a pair of tights.
In case if your gel polish lifted on the sides, don’t pull it ❗️❗️❗️ Gently file the sides (so it doesn’t annoy you) and pass by the salon for easy fix. 
3. Visit your nail technician to remove the gel polish! 🌸 
It’s free of charge! 
Even though it might feel oddly satisfying to peel off your gels, you’re actually doing a lot of damage. Your nails grow about one millimeter a week, by peeling your polish off you add about three months for all that damage to completely grow out.
❤️Please remember if you’re doing everything the right way—from application to removal—you can’t really do true damage to your nails.❤️
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🌼 Let Your Hair Shine with Balayage Brilliance! ✨
🎈 Why Choose Balayage? Here’s Why! 🎈
 ⭐️Sunkissed Vibes: Imagine that just-off-the-beach glow, but for your hair! Balayage gives you those perfect sun-kissed strands.
⭐️Chill Maintenance: Say goodbye to constant touch-ups! Balayage grows out gracefully, leaving you with effortlessly cool roots.
 ⭐️You-Do-You Color: It’s like your hair, but better! Balayage lets your personality shine, whether you’re into subtle shifts or bold bursts.
 ⭐️More Hair, Who Dis? Amp up the volume visually with balayage’s magical dimension-adding powers.
⭐️Fancy yet Effortless: Whether you’re in your PJs or glammed up, balayage turns heads without you breaking a sweat!
🙋‍♀️ Time to make your hair the canvas of pure joy! 
✅Book your balayage sesh and let the good hair days roll! 🤩
📣 If you’re craving a stunning new look that’ll make heads turn, look no further than Freya Beauty Salon in Dubai! 
💇‍♀️ Our talented hairstylists are ready to work their magic and unleash the best version of you. 
😍🌟 Come and experience the ultimate makeover at Freya Beauty Salon in Dubai! ❤️🎉 
✅ Send a message for appointments 
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✨ Get ready for flawless nails at Freya beauty salon! 💅
💖 Experience the magic of perfect manicures, long-lasting gel manicures, and glamorous nail extensions! 
❤️Pamper yourself with our top-notch services in Dubai and step into a world of elegance. 
✅Book your appointment now and let your nails do the talking!
🤩Our most delighted hair clients have a few wonderful things in common that make them stand out. Here are some friendly traits that set them apart:
1. ⭐️Regular Haircare Routine: They diligently follow a consistent haircare routine recommended by a stylist, including shampooing, conditioning, and occasional treatments to keep their hair looking fabulous.
2. ⭐️Regular Trims: They don’t shy away from getting regular trims, ensuring their hair stays healthy and free from split ends.
3. ⭐️Protect from Heat: Whether styling at home or using our services, they take measures to protect their hair from excessive heat to prevent damage.
4. ⭐️Pre-booking their next visit is a wonderful way our best hair clients take charge of their haircare journey and show their commitment to looking and feeling fabulous!
And of course…
Last but not least, their radiant smiles and confidence❤️ reflect how much they love their hair, making them a pleasure to work with❤️🌸
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Hair Color Price List in JVC, Dubai

Looking for new hair color? Come to Freya Beauty Salon in JVC Dubai and get your hair colored by the best in the business! We offer a wide range of colors to choose from and our experienced stylists will help you find the perfect one for you.

Full head of highlights service includes both traditional foil highlights and balayage. This service adds dimension throughout the hair.

Half head of highlights service includes foil highlights or balayage all over except for the back underneath portion of your hair.

Face frame - foil highlights or balayage just around the face 

Gloss - also known as a toner, a non-permanent color that adds shine and tone. Gloss do not lift the color of your hair. Perfect for cancelling out warmth on brassy highlights between the services, also refreshing your color to be more rich and vibrant.

Hair Treatment Price List in JVC, Dubai

Looking for a salon that offers hair treatments in Dubai? We offer a wide range of hair treatment services that are designed to nourish and revitalize your hair. From color treatments to Keratin treatments, we have something for everyone.

Hair Botox is actually a deep conditioning treatment that coats hair fibers with a filler, such as keratin. The treatment fills in any broken or thin areas on each hair strand to make hair appear more full and lustrous.

Keratin is a Formaldehyde FREE treatment that restores all types of damaged hair while controlling volume and frizz. Formulated with acidic proteins, amino acids and argan oil that are bio compatible to human hair. Keratin is developed to lubricate, repair, strengthen and seal the Hair Cuticle from inside out. Results are soft, shiny, and straight, frizz free and healthy Hair.

Recovery Treatment- moisturizing, nourishing, repair shampoos, masks and serums for your hair. Consult with our hairstylists for the most suitable option.

Haircut & Hair Styles Price List in JVC, Dubai

Get the perfect haircut at Freya Beauty Salon JVC Dubai. Our experienced stylists will work with you to find the style that suits you best. Plus, we offer a wide range of hair services so you can always look your best.

What are you waiting for?

Experience the ultimate pampering at our highest rated ladies beauty salon in JVC. Indulge in our premium services and unlock your radiant beauty.

Freya Hair Salon in JVC, Dubai

Hair Services in JVC Dubai

Whether you want to try something new or need a quick trim in Dubai, we can make you shine with our hair services in Dubai. Because at Freya Beauty Salon Dubai every day is a fabulous hair day.

Haircut & Style Services in Dubai
At Freya Beauty Salon Dubai, our seasoned stylists have been trained for the latest style and cutting techniques. We regularly update about the latest trends and fashion. Even then each stunning style is personalized to match your personality. Our ingenuity as a stylist is based on the Science of Beauty.

Hair Treatment Services in Dubai
We offer the most appropriate hair treatment advice. At Freya Beauty Salon Dubai, we use cutting-edge chemicals and lotions from leading brands.

At Freya, hair services are the pivot but we don’t stop there. There is much more we offer. Call to find out!

Haircut Services in JVC Dubai

Get ready for the exquisite experience at Freya Hair Salon Dubai. Here our talented stylists help you look and feel great. From a quick hair trim to a complete haircut service - featuring washing, cutting, styling, and much more - we provide you the service that gives you the looks you desire.

Let our gifted experts design the look that's best for you. At Freya Hair Salon Dubai, redefine your hairstyle with the style that makes bold statements or makes your previous style stand out. Maximize your hair's natural beauty with traditional and new styling methods. So that when you leave the salon, you are ready to wow the crowd with your new curled hairdo.

Hair Color Services in JVC Dubai

Even slight changes to the hair color add up, making a big difference in how you present yourself before the world. Yes, we prepare you to present yourself as a role model with dynamic expression. Sometimes simple shades can bring out the best features and complement your skin tone. Our colorists are artists from heaven who create the blissful looks of paradise in you.

Whether it's freshening up or trying a new color style in Dubai, we have got you covered with the top-notch hair color service at our Freya Beauty Salon Dubai. Our hairstylists in Dubai are incessantly trained and literate on the latest techniques, styles, trends, and methods. Get the touch of an expert now.

Hair Highlights in JVC Dubai

Boost your style with the highlights by our professional colorists at Freya Beauty Salon Dubai. Choose from the insuperable list of designs of our stylists. With the adoption of various coloring methods, innumerable shades are blended to create hair depth, dimension, and shine in your hair. Bring in the Wow factor into your hair color with simple natural but subtle changes.

Not impressed? Our customers don't leave confused. They leave our hair salon in Dubai with confidence to inspire trends themselves. With the correct training and experience in traditional and new color blending techniques, our stylists make sure you rock the world with your new looks. Is there a look that inspires you? Bring it in, and let's match your looks with that hairstyle. Are you amazed now? You'll be even more amazed when you visit us.

Hair Style in JVC Dubai

Whether it is your wedding day, prom night, or very special event, we make sure that your dream of having a perfect look is fulfilled. Stir up your hairstyle with our special hair styling service. At Freya Salon Dubai, we are offering personalized braids, updos, curls, and much more. Is there a style you love or always wanted for the day? Bring the photo for our stylist to recreate and inspire.

With a highly skilled hairstylist, you are sure to get your hairstyle to look just the way you’ve dreamed of it. Our talented hairstylist can handle the most difficult style with ease. Thinking about something new, want advice on it? We are also your advisors.

Hair Balayage Services in JVC Dubai

Looking for a talented balayage hair stylist in Dubai. We have got plenty. Get ready to explore the world of Balayage hair color and style with our gifted hairstylists. The results are astonishing. Our hairstylists master the French technique and hand-paint the highlights to produce a seamless combination of colors.

The balayage is for anyone who loves it. It further beautifies those hairs that have texture and are curlable. The curled hair makes the shades even more visible and gorgeous. The styling is focused on making the color POP out.

Always remember that balayage is a customized hair service that takes into account your wants and needs. It is always a great idea to bring in some images for inspiration at our Dubai Salon.

Blonde Hair Services in JVC Dubai

Are you thinking about highlights all over the hair in Dubai? Look no more because Freya Hair Salon has got you covered in Dubai. Color is weaved into your hair heavily. Freya Salon is your go-to place for any hairstyle, including the blonde.

With this style, you can make a dramatic statement. When all your hair is applied, multidimensional colors, your look is drastically enhanced, depth is further added, and more shine comes in to give you a perfect look. Enhance your color experience with our out-of-box coloring techniques specially designed to cater to your needs. Want to book an appointment in Dubai right now? Click below.

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Limited Time Offer 🥳

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Enjoy 30% Off on Tuesday & Wednesday or 20% Off on First Visit.

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