Ultimate Guide to Eyelash Extension and Style in Dubai

Ultimate Guide to Eyelash Extension and Style in Dubai

When it comes to Eyelash extensions and styles – there are literally tens, if not hundreds, of options. When you go to a salon in Dubai you ask for the best look with no sense of judgment about what is better or worse for your looks. You rely on the beautician’s judgment with no idea of your own other than guesswork. We believe every woman should have the knowledge to exercise their discretion and to make an informed decision. At our salon in Dubai, we inform as much as possible while providing our expertise. But since it’s not possible for every customer to know everything, we have created this comprehensive guide to help you with the eyelash extensions and styles resonating with your fashion, facial features, and personality.

Sounds interesting, then suits up for the deep dive in the sea of elegance.

The Basic Types of Eyelash Extensions:

There are several types of eyelash extensions and at Freya’s Salon in Dubai we offer a whole range of eyelash extensions for our clients to make it easy and convenient for them to select. Following are the few most common eyelashes that clients are looking for:

Doll Eyelashes:

The doll eyelash extensions are by far the most in-demand eyelashes clients are looking for when they come to a salon these days. We also call it cute eyelashes. These eyelashes are long, voluminous, and impressive. Most of the lash addition is done in the center making your eyes look larger and open.

Tip: Use this eyelash extension when you have large and open eyes. And if you have wide-set eyes or downturned eyes this means this extension will give you a perfect look.

If you have rounded or very long eyes, this style may not be meant for you because your already long eye shape will look even longer.

Applying this eyelash extension will give you the bright and bigger look you want.

Cat Eye Eyelashes:

Well, this is my personal favorite. Cat Eye Eyelashes are longer and voluminous on the outer side of the eye. Use this eyelash extension if your eyes are round and not so distant from each other. The best thing about this style is that it creates the impression that your eyes are wider and larger.

Here is the save tip: Do not apply this style if you have wide-set and large set eyes. Your already wide-looking eye shape will look even wider, giving you a not-so-desired look.

Natural or Classic Eyelashes:

Yep on in Dubai or maybe around the globe – who has been to a salon for eyelashes – have either personally experienced the natural look or know someone who has. It is basically a natural version of cat eyes or it won’t be wrong to say cat eyes lie in the more advanced and artificial end of the scale of these eyelashes.

Natural-looking eyelashes are longer on the outer corner. However, its basic feature is that it appears to be respecting your eye curvature. The real idea behind this eyelash extension is the enhancement of your lashes. Well yes, they are your lashes with some improvement. These eyelash extensions are for any type of eye.

Finally, we add some volume and length to your lashes with perfection.

However, this eyelash extension style is not as bold or dramatic as some clients ask for. But if it matches your lifestyle and personality this one’s for you.

Staggered Eyelashes:

Staggered eyelashes are defined by their distinct voluminous feature. It is way more than just a mix of small and short lashes – it needs more boldness. If you don’t like artificially perfected styles and seek more asymmetry this one’s for you.

Your end look will be something dramatic.

Requirements: You need thick and long lashes for this style.

NOT FOR YOU: At Freya’s Salon we recommend against this if you have very thin eyelashes because the end look has to be achieved totally with the extension that will not give a consistent look.

Colored or Highlighted Eyelashes:

If you have ever wondered about having a colored eyelash extension, you might want to try this out. Colored eyelashes reflect your style and personality and reaffirm that you are diverse and full of ideas.

There are a lot of colors that we offer at Freya’s Salon in Dubai. Here are some of the traditional examples you may be looking for:

  • Light brown
  • Black
  • Dark brown

Other colors that you may find interesting:

  • Green
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Orange
  • White
  • Violet
  • Multicolor
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Purple

Well, it all boils to two things whether you like what you see and whether it fits in your lifestyle. If the answer to the above questions is yes, this style was meant for you.

Another factor to take into account is your eye color or if you are wearing a lens then the color of your lens. In such a case you can match your eyelash with that color to make things more dramatic.

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