Fabulous Nail Art in Dubai That Make You Crazy

Fabulous Nail Art in Dubai That Make You Crazy

Nail Styles are the perfect means of expressing oneself. They can match your outfit and style. With an extensive list of manicure, pedicure, nail services in Dubai, we are bringing you the most fabulous nail styles that can get anyone crazy. You can use them for any occasion. OR just put them on for fun. It will give your nails spectacular looks at your party and will blow everyone’s mind away.

Nail design, its color, and style are the most important part of the manicure and pedicure, especially when you are having nail services in Dubai.

Moreover, the colors that are currently being used are so different but beautiful from Pale Pink to spring nails. Yes, Salons are not as busy as they used to be before COVID19, but trends on Instagram and other social media platforms are full of nail styles and colors ideas.

From pretty riffs on pastels to endless nail-art ideas that are there for fun. Getting bright rainbow colors, floral nails, or patterns like clouds or snow can make things even spicier.

But if you are a minimalist, there is a lot for you too. From French manicures to mismatched nails, there is a lot going on in the nails world. Read on for some of our favorite nail styles.

Floral Blue Nails in Dubai

Are you looking for a subtle nail design? If yes, then this one’s for you. You need pale blue nail polish. Apply it to create the background and make the surface smoother. Then you are free to add as many flower designs on the nail as possible. If you feel more stylish, you should add some decoration to make the nails look fabulous. Our regular customers and other individuals looking for nail services at our salon in Dubai love these.

Purple Ombre Nails

It may be the most trendy and favorite design of the whole year. In this style, designers preferred going from blue to light purple over the pastel shade. The nail design would look great for winter and off seasons especially Halloween if you were looking for subtle styles. Customer’s and many beauticians ask for this particular style when asking for nail services at our salon in Dubai for parties.

Winter Nails

Winter is cold and you need something snowy to shake it a little bit. These nails are perfect for winter design. You can add silver and white to make things work better for you. Adding polar bears or other such winter-style things will make things great.

Galaxy Nails

The Galaxy Nail has something that just adds a wow factor to your nails design. Of course, the galaxy has been around this year and we do not want to miss out on our nails too. Employ as many pastel colors as possible to get the perfect effect. Adding a white tip at the bottom will give the finished design look.

Beachy Summer Nails

Are you planning on a vacation or going on a beach trip, then this nail design has everything you want. To be different from the regular beachy nails, try adding some darker colors. Adding the goldish glitter polish will add some extra shine and create a shady look. The little starfish can also bring in some hot style.

Polka Dot Nails

Polka Dots have been trendy for several years now, and this year is no different. You can use them in so many different ways that make this look perfect. You can stand out by adding simple tweaks like adding a gold glitter. The Polka Dot Nails also look great in winter.

Rainbow Nails

Forget the subtle and simple designs, this nail style will bring in so many colors in your life. Add a rainbow with the glitter. It will work like sending through back to the past.

Black Nail Hearts

Usually, black or dark nails are quite dull. But this nail style works to completely flip the stereotype. If you paint two nails white and add some black hearts they will give you a perfect look of light and dark style. This nail design is eye-catching and can set anyone on fire.

When it comes to nail services, at our salon in Dubai, this nail look is pretty high in demand. Customers ask for them.

FAQs: Manicure and Pedicure

Yes, you can. However, we are overbooked most of the time. Each treatment has a different appointment list prepared just for it. Nevertheless, we prefer making the process easier for our rocking customers. You just have to tell us what treatments you want and what are your usual availability timings. We will send you some options based on your preference, and you can choose the timings that best suit you.

For reserving your appointment we take a partial or 100% deposit upon booking. However, if you have changed your mind and decided to cancel your appointment in Dubai, you must inform us 48 hours before your appointment time starts.

We have set this policy to ensure that the best - fair and transparent - service is provided to all the customers.

You can contact our manager with your refund request if you have applied 48 hours before the appointment time.

Oil tends to moisturize skin, cuticles, and the nail area. And at our salon in Dubai, we keep it very dear to ourselves and our customers.

The cuticle oil protects the cuticle, skin, and nail against potential damage or injury and it also improves the health and appearance of the nails, cuticles, and hand. Nail color plates tend to be dehydrated quickly and the application of cuticle oil enables it to maintain the beautiful look much easier and faster.

However, Cuticle oil is not to be used as soon as nails dry, but only when you have extremely dry and cracked nails. Cuticle oil usually contains vitamins.

Removing Gel polish is not an easy task. You cannot remove it with the standard nail polish remover or just peel it off because that may severely damage your nails. It is always recommended to get the removal from a professional at our Salon in Dubai.

Our process of removal involves gentle hand filing or an acetone soaking for a few minutes. Your technician will then use some special tools to remove the last polish and clean up your nail so that you are ready to go.

After having a classic manicure at our salon in Dubai, your polish will be left to dry for about 5 minutes or more before a quick dry spray is applied. The spray accelerates drying. Thereafter, technicians will check if you need further drying. If you need it, you will be asked to sit back for a while.

It can take around 10 to 15 minutes to dry your nail after the last coat is applied. At this moment your manicure will dry enough for touch and you will be good to go. You will be advised not to touch your nail or put your hand in a bag for another hour so you don't knock it out.

The MMA or Methyl Methacrylate is basically used in the dental industry. It is cheap but too harsh. The way it bonds with your nail is damaging. Upon contact with your nail, it can cause permanent chemical changes. The reality is MMA was never designed to be used for nails. Moreover, it is way too hard to be used for acrylic extension.

Therefore, we use EMA or Ethyl Methacrylate at our salon in Dubai. Moreover, our salon in Dubai is recourse inspected and certified by the most reputed certifying institutions.

Acrylic and Gel Extensions tend to be dangerous. However, if they are applied, maintained, and removed by professionals and qualified nail technicians, the damage will be negligible and recoverable.

Nevertheless, if you are getting it constantly your nail plate can get damaged. This is why we advise that you give some break before you get your next Gel Extension.

Always be careful about nail technicians that leave white patches, damaged and weakened nails. But remember that you try removing them yourself by picking them or pulling them off, you may damage your nails badly.

Professional nail technicians like those at our salon in Dubai, only use the appropriate, branded, and top-notch products for the application and removal of nail extensions.

We advise a number of things you do for taking care of your beautifully manicured nails.

If you want to keep your manicure lasting for the maximum time, you avoid letting your nails get wet for long periods whether you are taking hot baths or washing dishes. You should also avoid prolonged exposure to the chemicals that are present in sunscreen, perfumed products, or insect repellants.                

If you can, hire someone to do your DIY tasks or tough chores that might damage your manicure and apply cuticle oil in the morning and night if you can. It will help keep the manicure and polish intacted for a longer time.

And, we can't emphasize this more, never pick at your manicure in any case. Rather you should take an appointment for nail repair if one or more nails have been damaged.

Standard nail polish can last 5 days. It is a really great option for temporary and short-term occasions. If this is what you are looking for, check out our classical manicures.

It may take a few minutes to fully dry so you can avoid smirching on your manicure.

If you want a manicure that lasts longer try out our advanced manicure options that are designed to last up to 14 days.

If your nail is fully prepared and cuticle work is done, a gel manicure at our salon in Dubai can last about two weeks, subject to proper application and aftercare. Moreover, at our salon in Dubai, we offer an express version of manicures as well as a full classic version.

Nails can turn yellowish when a heavily pigmented polish is applied to them. However, to prevent pigmentation we - at our salon in Dubai - make sure that we apply a base boat before applying the color polish in a way that acts as a barrier.

You can also choose a color that is less dangerous.

In situations when natural nails pull away from the nail bed, there is a possibility of the development of nail fungus underneath. However, if you get proper application and maintenance of your nail extension, the development of nail fungus can be prevented. At our salon in Dubai, we also use over-the-counter nail antiseptic or provide full fungal nail treatments.

Yes, a french manicure is available at our salon in Dubai. The typical french manicure refers to when your nails are painted with pale pink and a white tip. Moreover, we also give you the choice to choose the color that you love for the tip.

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