Balayage Hair Everything You Need to Know in 2023

Balayage Hair – Everything You Need to Know in 2023

You will fall in love with the balayage hair color – as we have. Balayage is a beautiful highlight color trend that’s here to stay. And Yes, at the Freya Salon Dubai, we are offering this lavish color with loads of highlights that you wouldn’t wanna miss.

Yes, it is true.

It is a remarkable hair color trend that started with images but has made its way to Hollywood and glamorous events like wildfire.

To get the color, your colorist hand-paints the highlights.

But there is more.

You get a natural sun-kissed look as if you just returned from lavish summer vacation!

Even more convenient is knowing the fact the maintenance for this color is pretty low.

The highlights bring back the childhood cuteness of your hair.

Balayage is an awesome hairstyle that is done with subtle highlights.

However, it is noticeable.

So here we are providing you everything you need to know about the trend!

Here is what Balayage means!

Balayage has its roots in the French Term: balayer.

It is a Hot French kinda look.

But it means to sweep!

As in: sweep them off their feet. *WINKS*

When we talk about balayage we mean the technique, not the color.

You know: how it is applied and stuff!

In this technique, the hair color is painted onto the hair to form a gradual and natural-looking highlight effect.

In other words, the final results are more natural, less stripy than the highlights of the past.

But it offers the same impressive dimensions and exciting hues.

The beauty of balayage lies in the hand-painted highlights that offer you the pop of brightness and contrast throughout the hair while maintaining the natural look.

It all gets me thinking: if that’s a french word! I am probably saying it wrong.

So here is how we say it: ba·lay·age.

Classy right!

But why is it so famous?

You don’t know?

I will give you three reasons why it has taken over the world!

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#1 Low Maintenance:

The unbelievable fact about this hairstyle is that it doesn’t require high maintenance.

The process of this color trend involves the creation of the color of grown roots in such a way that is more natural and smoother.

It doesn’t involve stark and skunky color changes.

Making it easier to maintain.

It means that you don’t have to spend the whole day in Salon.

And yes, the damage is also considerably less.

In fact, your visits to the Salon can reduce from 10 weeks to 6 months.

Surprising right!

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#2 It is customizable!

The best thing about balayage is that it is customizable.

In fact, every balayage is different.

The placement, location, gradation, and even the color are based on the texture, length, and hair color you have.

You can choose to highlight or soften your facial features upon your will.

Great. It is like it is quite something.

Or I should say:

It was always designed for me!

Yes, this is what I was telling you.

At Freya Salon in Dubai, we make sure to take into consideration the features of our customers.

Features like skin tone and the natural base color of the hair to determine which tones would look fabulous on you.

At our Freya Salon Dubai, we make sure that no two balayages look the same.

A particular form of balayage does not mean a pattern.

Here is what we do.

We study the hair as a whole and find the perfect part that would highlight features or a specific haircut.

Our clients love the feeling of having a hair color that matches their tone.

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Yes, balayage is a freaking trend that you can’t prevent.

It is happening, and it is huge.

All celebrities. From Kardashians to Chrissy Teigen brought the trend to the spotlight.

You will want it, love, and you just can’t help it.

Just for sake of curiosity try the hashtag balayage. You will get around 30 million results on just Instagram.


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So how do I get it?

Here is how!

First, start by telling everything you want about this trend.

Not the stuff I told you here *Winks*

Tell her what you want!

She may ask you some questions to understand what exactly you are looking for and plan accordingly.

Keep the finished look in mind at the beginning.

Kind of paradoxical, but that’s how it is.

Here are some good questions you may be asked:

What is the ideal part of your hair and what you don’t like?
How do you style on a regular basis?
When do you expect to get the balayage maintenance touch-up?

What these questions do is that they help your colorist to contour and highlight based on your choice and lifestyle.

And it will help them create the finished look that is just for you.

The colorist will then begin to bleach some of your hair.

The strokes will be light-handed going towards the root of the hair.

It will be saturated towards the ends of the hair.

The colorist will try to mimic the way your hair naturally lightens in the sun.

Remember – balayage is all about blending and placement.

Creating a natural contrast between the dark and light tones gives the color a lived-in dimension.

A great balayage will blend perfectly from the lightest hues to the darkest.

And there will be no firm lines.

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How is balayage different from other highlights?

Well, the purpose of balayage, ombre, baby lights, or even highlights is the same: lightening the hair.

These techniques can be combined to create a great look.

In fact, the most inspirational picture is the combination of all.

The traditional highlights are created by selecting a piece of hair, wrapping them in foil from the tip to the root.

The Babylights, on the other hand, are fine highlights that replicate the style of a child’s natural highlights.

Omber, on the other hand, refers to shading from dark to light. So some consider balayage a technique with which you can create an ombre.

So here is what balayage is. It offers lightness with a much softer, balanced, and blended appearance.

The technique basically copies nature.

In balayage, we copy the effect of hair lightening with the sun.

Yes. There is no line of demarcation or harsh line of color.

If they are there, there is probably no balayage!

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I don't know if my hair type can have a balayage?

Don’t worry!

Balayage is one of its kind.

It is for every hair without distinction!

No matter what hair color and texture you have, you can have a balayage.

Even if your hair is dark like a diamond or is curly.

There is nothing stopping you from trying these fabulous highlights.

Honestly, if you ask me, textured hair is the easiest.

I just hand-pick the curls I want to highlight.

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Can you balayage at home?

Well, you can try!

But there is a big chance you may make it harder for Salons to correct it later.

Balayage looks simple and effortless.

But there is a lot of technique, practice, and knowledge taking place.

We would suggest don’t risk any DIY failures and leave it to the experts.

One thing to understand is that it is hand-painted.

Only a painter or a colorist is the right person to do that.

In fact, only the colorist should color your hair.

It is not easy to do it yourself.

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Is there a way to maintain balayage?

It is true that with balayage you don’t have to dye your hair for at least six months.

But it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to maintain it.

To keep your hair color fresh between the visits, you should use hair masks.

These hair masks can bring a healthy shine to your hair.

A purple toning shampoo has been considered to maintain the balance of any brassy tones that have cropped the colors.

Some clients also visit anywhere from 8-10 weeks just for a glossy refresher.

Usually, this helps them tone back their hair.

The thing is that it is cheaper, quick, and far less damaging than a complete color session.

It will also give a perfect result. If you are looking for perfect hair services in Dubai look no further than Freya Beauty Salon.

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